Lesson 257: Practice in Spanish – Spanish conjugation (Videos 1&2)

Practice in Spanish – Spanish conjugation


Another Practice in Spanish lesson. In this class lets review Spanish conjugation tenses. I will choose a couple of simple sentences, and we will be converting the to different Spanish conjugation tenses. Also, notice how simple it is to switch from an affirmative to a negative sentence, and vice-versa.

I will be asking question to the camera, and giving you a few seconds to think the right answer by yourselves. I recommend that you PAUSE the video in order to take your take to think the right answer. But in the end that is up to you.


Practice in Spanish – Examples with different Spanish conjugation tenses

    Tengo hambre. Quiero comer. 
    – I am hungry. I want to eat.


    No tengo hambre. No quiero comer. 
    – I am not hungry. I don’t wan to eat.


    Tuve hambre. Quise comer.
    – I was hungry. I wanted to eat.


    Tendré hambre. Querré comer. 
    – I will be hungry. I will want to eat.


    He tenido hambre. He querido comer. 
    – I have been hungry. I have wanted to eat.


    Estoy teniendo hambre. Estoy queriendo comer. 
    – I am feeling hungry. I am wanting to eat.


    Estaré teniendo hambre. Estaré queriendo comer.
    – I will be feeling hungry. I will be wanting to eat.


    Tenía hambre. Quería comer.
    – I was feeling hungry. I was wanting to eat.


Pay attention to my pronunciation in the video-lesson. I recommend trying to repeat words and phrases in a low voice, in order to practice pronunciation and to get familiar with Spanish words. Reading without pronouncing is not enough.

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