Learn Spanish 313: 10 most used Spanish verbs (WITH SUBTITLES)

10 most used Spanish verbs

The 10 Spanish verbs I will teach you in the present video are what I consider to be the 10 most used Spanish verbs. Every list of the 10 most used Spanish verbs will be a bit controversial, because there are more than just 10 verbs that compete to be in that preeminent list. Whether this or that verb actually deserves being in the list, depends on one or another teacher.

However, the first 5 or 6 Spanish verbs in this list are maybe arguably the most important Spanish verbs. And the last 4 are my own choice.

In the video of the present Spanish class I will talk a bit of each one of these top 10 Spanish verbs, and I will mention a few examples and simple sentences using them. I will also mention the few meanings and nuances of each one of these important Spanish verbs.


My own list of the 10 most used Spanish verbs:


  • ser: to be
  • estar: to be
  • haber: to have, to be
  • tener: to have
  • ir: to go
  • querer: to want, to love
  • tomar: to take, to drink
  • decir: to say, to tell
  • mirar: to look, to watch
  • ver: to see

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