Spanish Quiz Nbr. 1 – Lessons 1 – 5

Spanish Quiz 1 relates to the 1st series of lessons


Spanish Quiz Nbr. 1 includes exercises from all the topics covered in our lessons 1 – 5 (or Compilation 1). Here you will find multiple-choice questions, option-selection questions and questions where you have to write your answer. In those which are multiple-choice you can get negative points by checking the wrong boxes. There are 10 questions in total.

The total points for Spanish Quiz Nbr. 1 is 55.

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OK, enough talking. Get on it, and good luck!

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1. Select the correct option:

Which sentence means “I am fine/well“.


2. Choose the correct answer:

Which sentence corresponds to “You are Carlos“?


3. Choose all the correct answers:

Which sentence/s means “You (pl.) are in trouble” .


4. Select all the correct answers:

Which words have the hard/rough/rolling sound of the “R“?


5. Select all the right answers:

Which words have a mute “U” (“u” isn’t pronounced)?


6. Select all the correct answers:

Mark all the words where letter “y” is pronounced the same as the Spanish “i“.


7. Write down “please” using only lower-case letters.

8. Using the formal “you”, which is the sentence that means “How are you?”


9. Using only lower-case letters write down “good evening / good night” in Spanish

10. Select all the small dialogs that have some segment that doesn’t make sense:



84 thoughts on “Spanish Quiz Nbr. 1 – Lessons 1 – 5”

  1. You have given me a new hope of being able to remain here in Mexico with my husband.
    I have recently celebrated my 68th birthday. I am having a hard time retaining a lot of information but as I stated above I am very hopeful
    I thank you for your effort in helping us.

  2. Hola Rodrigo!
    Thanks for providing these amazing Spanish lessons. They are a hidden gem, the one I have been searching for so long. I am sure your lessons will lay a solid foundation for me to learn Spanish. The quizzes at the end of combination lessons provide a great way to test our knowledge and progress. Thanks once again.

  3. Hello Rodrigo,
    Just started your class. Awsome. I’m very satisfied with your stady and calm performance. I wish I have “met” you before. Greetings from Denmark.

    1. Hola Jakeline. Disculpa la demora en responder. Acabo de regresar de un largo viaje por Asia, y aún me estoy poniendo al día con los mensajes atrasados. Esta prueba contiene ejercicios de español para estudiantes angloparlantes que están estudiando español. Si estás estudiando ingles con mis clases te recomiendo hacer las pruebas de ingles, porque son las que te servirán para repasar y asimilar los conceptos estudiados ;-)

    1. Hello Sahil. Thanks for your kind feedback, and sorry for the late reply. I have just returned from a one month long trip to Asia, and I’m catching-up with old emails. I’m glad to know that you like the course. You just need to be a little bit patient with the first videos, because the video-quality is not very good. But later you will realize that the more recent ones are much better. I’m glad to see that you’re already doing Spanish quiz Nbr. 1. The quizzes are really important to let all what you are learning sink it :-) Kind regards!

  4. I have just started your course and thought I understood some basic sentences, but only getting 12 out of 5o on the quiz proves how little I knew, looking forward to what appears a well laid out course, I have had group lessons and Synergy Spanish which I find good, but starting on your course and going back to basics appears to be ideal for me and going back to basics. I did not realice how little I knew.

    1. Hello Graham. Thanks for your kind feedback, and sorry for the late reply. I have just returned from a one month long trip to Asia, and I’m catching-up with old emails. I’m glad to know that you like the course. You just need to be a little bit patient with the first videos, because the video-quality is not very good. But later you will realize that the more recent ones are much better. Also, I recommend that you do each Spanish quiz as soon as you finish studying its corresponding video. Good luck!

    1. Spanish from Spain uses a different pronoun for the 2 person in the singular. And it also conjugates verbs differently for this pronoun. People in Latin-America with a very low education may have issues understanding that. But that would be dreadful, because those few nuances from Spanish from Spain should be taught in all Latin-American schools. Even if they prefer to speak their own way! Spanish from Spain and from whatever other Spanish speaking country should work everywhere. I’m shocked to read that it didn’t work! Nevertheless, I’m Latin-American, and in my lessons I teach Spanish with the Spanish nuances and with the Latin-American nuances. So you shouldn’t have trouble in any Spanish speaking country in the world.

      I’ve been around the world. Including Latin-America from North to South, and Spain. Spanish works everywhere, despite different accents and a regional preference for one or another word ;-)

  5. Senor,
    The corrections for Quiz 1-5 numbers 5, and 6 do not match up. The email I received is different from online results. #5 online shows four possible answers and the email shows one. #6 online shows two possible answers and the email shows none.

    1. Hello Margaret. I’m currently traveling. Right now I was going through some old unanswered messages, and I found this one. I think I had replied it, but I’m not sure. I see you are talking about an email with the corrections from the Spanish Quiz Nbr. 1. However, I should receive a copy of every test that is emailed to each student, and I cannot find any under you email address. Have you already been able to Login using this email? Do you still need any help or assistance from me? Please let me know and I’ll be glad to help.

  6. Great resource! Very thorough explanations. I will keep going and pay closer attention when I watch the videos. (I was working on a crochet project through the first ones. ha.) You are a great teacher.

    1. The email address when you register is just so that you can receive by email a copy of every correction of every test and quiz you do. It’s in the student’s own interest. And I receive a copy of them as well. And when a student asks me to take a look at his/her test (exceptionally), I can find it thanks to the email address.

      What do you mean that I’m rejecting them? Can you please specify?

  7. Hola Rodrigo~
    So glad I came upon your videos! Your lessons are very thorough, however, I find it frustrating to listen through a long explanation of how to sound out all the words in a sentence, only to have you tell us in the end that there’s a SHORTER version of saying the same thing! For instance your explanation of how to ask someone for their email address. I think it would be more helpful to just give the short version from the beginning, since it would be less information to try to retain, and no one really uses the PROPER way of speaking anymore anyway.

    1. Hello Jan. Thanks for your feedback. I made the many first video-lessons thinking of those who didn’t have any background whatsoever; and also thinking of adults that may not be so fast learning as younger students. But maybe I overdid it. I have received some other feedback similar to yours, and I know I is valid. I hope you can reach the more recent videos, and realize they have a faster pace.

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